In 2019 we set out on an ambitious adventure to bring beautiful, spiritually and mythically inspired, trinkets to those who are seeking deeper truths. The name Meta Haus refers to both a physical and ineffable place of dwelling. When we speak of meta or the meta we are trying to describe a place or density of the highest awareness which we can only access through philosophical & spiritual transcendence. 


      Our desire is to provide for you, our eclectic tribe of light-workers & starseeds, an array of products that inspire, express and reflect you and your spiritual journey. On the surface we are a boutique shop specializing in hand-poured soy candles, original design tees, wellness products, treasures, trinkets & more. Deep in our hearts however, we are on a sacred quest to aid those who aspire to raise their vibrations higher through peaceful spiritual practices in tandem with mindfully crafted products for Haus and Home. All of our offerings are deeply inspired by ancient myth throughout various cultures, our real human history, and sacred knowledges passed down through the ages by “The Greats” and Ascended Masters alike. 


     We are....

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We are a handcrafted, small business out of Durham, NC
email: MetaHausCo@gmail.com
phone: 919-491-6862

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