Decisions, Decisions! Synthetic and Natural Fragrances vs. Essential Oils

Essential oils are compound extracts from organic plant life. The oil captures the essence (flavor for the nose) or scent. As it happens, essential oils aren’t just great for homeopathic remedies; they can also be used to make soaps, lotions, balms, and more! However, we strongly advise you never use essential oils to fragrance your candles. Burning essential oils with a fire and wick will give you a very unpleasant fuel like smell. Why you ask? Because it’s like sticking the actual plant, such as a rose, into an open flame and just letting it burn. 


Natural Fragrances or Natural Perfumes are laboratory made just like synthetic fragrances, but instead of using artificial scents they isolate a single molecule from the plant’s scent compound. If you look on the back of your favorite perfume bottle, you’ll see “Natural Perfume” listed rather than the plant itself. 


Synthetic Fragrances are made in laboratories using artificial ingredients. The advantage to artificial over natural is no endangered plant life or life providing plants were harmed in the creation of your favorite Meta Haus candles! 


Our decision; why not use them all?! 


Meta Haus is still an infant; we officially went live January 1st of this year! Our fiscal and community means are still quite humble, and natural fragrance oils prices aren’t! It is our hope that as we grow together our ability to afford such luxuries, like natural perfumes, becomes possible! 


Currently all but one of the products we use for our candles are safe to use in lotions, bath balms, salts, and more. Prometheus is an Autumn/Winter Fragrance that sadly is not skin safe! We are looking for a suitable replacement; smoke is a difficult scent to find! We take the creation of our soy based scented candles and the ingredients we use to craft them very, VERY seriously.


Meta Haus will be creating soaps and beard products in the very near future using ONLY essential oils or natural fragrances for the naturalists in our Haus & Home! We are very eager to improve, provide and expand; if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please use the contact form and share your thoughts!


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