Can you ship outside of the U.S. ?

Currently we do not support shipping outside of the United States. However, we do wish to be able to do so in the future. We are a brand new small business and the shipping rates are just a bit too high for us at the moment. If you are interested in helping us reach this goal, please share us with you friends in the U.S.!

Shipping Costs

We calculate our shipping costs by the weight of the item + the cost of packaging material. You will notice that your shipping cost will increase with the number/weight of products that we are sending to you.

We include every element that goes toward shipping your order into our site based on USPS standard rates. If you see a discrepency between what you imagine an enamel pin or Tee might weigh and what your invoice states, please note that we factor the shipping & packaging cost into Wix this way. This ensures that we are charging the correct amount all at once rather than adding additional charges to your order later.

We always aim to make our services cost effective. Nobody likes paying an arm and a leg just to get a product to their door and we recognize that!

If you order more than 99$ worth of product, shipping is free!

Do you offer candle subscriptions?

We hope to be able to provide this service in the future! If you would like us to offer this as well, please let us know by sending us a message telling us so on our contact form.

What would YOU like to get out of a Meta Haus candle subscription? A random candle every month? Exclusive scents that we are working on - before the public gets to try them? We're all ears!

Can I pick up my order?

We do not currently have a brick-and-mortar space for Meta Haus.

However, if you live local to the Durham/Raleigh area, we can arrange a local pick up at a public place for a small fee to cover our gas/time. If this sounds like something you would prefer rather than shipping, email us BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER so that we can give you a special "pick up" coupon to use at checkout. MetaHausCo@gmail.com

Who is making all the amazing art?

Arielle! From the colors to the label character design, Arielle creates all of the illustrations you see on our packaging and website. All of our enamel pins are original designs by Arielle, made into the wonderful trinkets we so fashionably display

Arielle is a freelance graphic artist and musician, she's always looking for clients! If you are interested in having her whip up some beautiful visuals for your business or personal use, check out her personal website and feel free to send her an email! Arielle@MetaHaus.co

Who is making these illustrious candles?

Tessera! While Arielle designs, Tess melts down, combines and lovingly pours each candle. Once dried, the labels are applied, and the candles are shelved.

What type of wax does Meta Haus use in their candles?

GoldenWax 444 Soy Wax. For anyone concerned about soy and hormones; ingesting soy and burning soy wax are two very different things. We encourage our community and customers to always do what they think is best for themselves. Both ladies of Meta Haus suffer with hormone issues and would never knowingly use products that cause endocrine problems. Meta Haus will never use Paraffin wax for candles, melts or tarts. For more information on Paraffin please check out this wonderful post by The Banyan Tree.

What am I smelling?

What am I smelling?

If you’re smelling our candles, you are smelling artificial fragrances made by Bramble Berry for candles, lotions, facial oil and more.
In the very near future a line of body products will be released that use essential oils or natural fragrances. For more in depth information on fragrances, check out our Scents FAQ page - https://www.metahaus.co/essencial-oils-vs-synthetic-fragran

Who am I talking to on Instagram?

Both Arielle and Tessera post and respond on all social media outlets.

Does Meta Haus use Essencial Oils to scent their candles?

Meta Haus uses blends of Natural, Artificial and Essencial Oils to scent our candles - each candle being unique in its makeup.

We get this question all of the time and have been doing our best to research the safest and most effective way to bring you beautiful scents while also not harming animals, wildlife and life giving plants in the process.

We generally avoid using PURE essencial oils to scent our candles because the majority of them can end up smelling like rubber or gasoline when exposed to flame. Why? Well, it's a lot like the difference between smelling rose water vs, sticking a rose in an open flame. Sure, the oils themselves smell wonderful in soap, lotions or even your aromatharopy vaporizer at home, however, there are very few essencial oils that translate to wonderful smelling candles when lit and exposed to fire.

A lot of people cringe when they hear "Synthetic Fragrance", assuming that they are all toxic or bad for your health. This is not always the case and sometimes it is the more ethical choice. For instance - using a pure honey suckle or honey comb smell wouldn't be very good for the bees, as it would disrupt their feeding and living conditions to harvest such ingredients in large amounts. A Synthetic Fragrance is sometimes the right way to go when it comes to protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems.

Meta Haus is still an infant; we officially went live January 1st of this year! Our fiscal and community means are still quite humble, and natural fragrance oils prices aren’t! It is our hope that as we grow together our ability to afford such luxuries, like natural perfumes, becomes possible! We will be continuing to research which pure essencial oil blends we may be able to use with our candles in the future, so stay tuned! For now, we focus on the safest Natural and Synthetic and Essencial Oil blends that we can find! Currently all but one of the products we use for our candles are safe to use in lotions, bath balms, salts, and more. Prometheus is an Autumn/Winter Fragrance that sadly is not skin safe! We are looking for a suitable replacement; smoke is a difficult scent to find! Meta Haus will be creating soaps and beard products in the very near future using ONLY essential oils or natural fragrances for the naturalists in our Haus & Home! We are very eager to improve, provide and expand; if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please use the contact form and share your thoughts! For more information on fragrances, please checkout this very informative post !

What are "Wax Melts"?

Wax melts are packets of wax cubes which are melted by using a "wax melter" or "wax warmer". These come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually decorative ceramic dishes powered by a lightbulb, hot plate or even a small flame. Basically, wax melts are a burnless candle of sorts. The neat thing about these is that they last about 5-6 days before the wax has no fragrance. Each pack has 6 cubes and 3 is the recommended melt amount. Our 4 pack deal is like getting 8 candles for 25$ !

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