Much like the Magi's timely arrival for the birth of the Master Jesus - our Magi incense pairing is here in time for the holiday season. 


The sweet, warm woodsy and citrus notes of Frankincense blend perfectly with the delightfully bitter and earthen notes of Myrrh.

Their symbolic meanings parallel that of the Christ figures seen throughout many religions and cultures. Frankincense is said to represent divinity and our inner connection to the Divine itself. While Myrrh was often used as an anointing oil in many death rituals. The two combined to represent the sacrificial death of the Christ archetype, along with Gold - the alchemical transmutation of the soul. 


This is the ideal combination of aromas for the holiday season; especially if you aren't normally one for the more sacrine scents of candycane and gingerbread that typically pack the shelves this time of year.

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    Includes two individual packs of 10gr Frankincense & 10gr Myrrh

    Our incense are all hand rolled and sun dried in India - produced by families who's trade has been passed down through many generations.

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